about me
> 16 years old
> white
> genderdyke butch lesbian
> fl, usa
> he/him or hy/hym
> tme/transmasculine
> anarcho-communist
> butch4butch + trans4trans
> adhd
> insect lover (don't follow if bugs or other creepy critters are a hard trigger for you)
> please ask to follow if you are over 25

my asks/dms are always open!

do not interact with me or my blog if you are a:

> anti-anti/pro-shipper
> pronoun police
> fujoshi
> pro-cop/anti-blm
> pro-ana/thinspo
> anti-feminist/anti-sjw
> bi/pan lesbian + supporter
> transmed/truscum/transmisogynist
> cishet

this is how i tag both my own posts and reblogs:

> i dont post or reblog nsfw content but i will tag posts as such if they involve nsfw topics discussed in a serious way (like sex or nudity)

> if i follow you and you post tagged nsfw, let me know so i can block the tag

> i tag butch and femme posts and reblogs with "butch" and/or "femme", feel free to look through them if you have questions about these labels

> i will tag generally triggering topics as "[blank] tw"

> i tag for the q slur, f slur, but not the d slur because i use it very often

> i tag discourse as "discourse" or sometimes "ace discourse"

> if you need something specific tagged, dm me and i will do my best!

i often dont have the time or energy to debate these things. if you just wanna be educated, thats cool, but respect my decision if i choose not to engage with you. if you strongly disagree with any of these sentiments, my blog is not the place for you.

> cishet exclusionist
> pro-xenogenders/neopronouns
> anti-mogai sexualities
> anti-transmed/truscum
> butch/femme are lesbian identities
> bi/pan-lesbians aren't a thing
> bisexual means attraction to all genders
> the term "monosexual" is repulsive and should never be used to describe gay/lesbian ppl
> pansexuality is inherently biphobic and/or transphobic
> the split attraction model is unnecessary at best and homophobic at worst
> only lesbians can reclaim dyke
> only mlm (and transfems if they choose to) can reclaim f/ggot

i don't reblog media often, but if i do it will more than likely be one of these things. tag me in/send me posts about these and i will love you forever! current hyperfixations are in italics, all time faves are in bold, yes i am critical of all my interests

> grey's anatomy
> black butler
> the dummy's dummy (webcomic)
> prodigal son
> the 100
> stranger things
> black mirror
> the walking dead
> orange is the new black
> total drama island
> horror [beetlejuice, hereditary, the conjuring, the babadook, saw]
> the sims 4
> minecraft
> life is strange/before the storm
> five nights at freddies
> oxenfree
> night in the woods
> what remains of edith finch

> falsettos
> be more chill
> beetlejuice
> dear evan hansen
> mean girls
> rent
> the lightning thief
> book of mormon
> a new brain

> against me!
> days n daze
> ajj
> just nick
> mischief brew
> jack stauber
> kimya dawson
> apes of the state
> she/her/hers
> dazey and the scouts
> harley poe
> mother mother
> gorillaz
> my chemical romance
> fall out boy
> p!atd

discord: radioactivebutch#3748

disclaimer: i don't actually know shit about kinning, these are just characters i like/relate to!

> mendel (falsettos)
> marvin (falsettos) 
> finnian (black butler)
> dipper pines (gravity falls)
> wendy corduroy (gravity falls)
> george o’malley (greys anatomy)
> jeremy heere (be more chill)
> wybie lovatte (coraline)
> nicky nichols (oitnb)
> evan hansen (dear evan hansen)
> jasper jordan (the 100)
> duncan (total drama island)
> chloe price (life is strange)
> gregg lee (night in the woods)